Inmobiliaria Rieres together with Reality Property Spain aims to be your benchmark agency in the Terres del Ebre. We therefore provide you with a professional team with more than 20 years of expertise in the real estate transactions sector - a team with scope and preparation that accomplishes tasks with efficiency, honesty and transparency; qualities which are the guiding reference of the professional Real Estate Agent Association, of which we have been part for over 20 years.

Today we can provide you with a portfolio of more than two hundred buildings, where you may well find your dream, housing for your family needs, or a favourable investment.

We offer preferential treatment in all the properties we deal with so that the sale or rental can be carried out promptly.

A Inmobiliaria Rieres, whether you want to sell or rent your property or if you are interested in acquiring one, we guarantee an effective, fast, serious and professional management, adapted to your needs and economic conditions.



Our main areas of activity are:
› The purchase and sale management of all types of properties (houses, flats, apartments, rural properties, plots, industrial buildings ...)
› Rental management of all types of real estate.
› Advice on financing.
› Investor advice.
› Property management.
› Expertise for individuals and public administrations.

The Collegiate Property Administrator is a professional who habitually and continuously administers third-party properties, whether urban or rural.

The management of the community in good hands, guarantee of tranquility.

The Association of Property Administrators of Tarragona reminds us of the importance of having a good professional who ensures the correct functioning every day and coexistence within a community of neighbors.

The Administrator of Estates Colegiado develops an activity of great socioeconomic value that affects, directly, practically and daily, the life of the citizens.


• Manage Real Estate.
• Mediator.
• Apply the Legislation.
• Conserve and Improve Property.
• Solve problems.
• Advise and Represent.
• Communities of Owners.